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Personalized Clothing Labels That Are Made to Last

LeeLee Labels makes premium stick-on clothing labels for camp, school, or sports activities. Our name labels for clothes are washable, dry-able, and stay stuck for ages. Your search for stick-on labels for clothes ends here.


Instructions are pretty simple – peel and stick labels and apply to clothing garment tags. Press hard. Then let rest for 24 hours before washing the labeled clothing. That’s it, you’re done. Did we mention the hundreds of design choices we have available for our personalized labels for clothes? Choose from vibrant colors for your effervescent little ones, or muted tones for your parents. Select from patterns or solid backgrounds. You can also choose your font, and make truly custom labels. Use our previewer to get an idea of what your washable clothing labels will look like. Of course, our amazing designers will shrink or enlarge your text to fit perfectly centered on the labels, and we promise they’ll look perfect! Our washable labels are the perfect solution for fast and quick labeling for camp, labels for school uniforms, and labels for sports uniforms. And don’t forget, we offer labels for shoes, too.

Say goodbye to the lost and found. Say goodbye to the famous switcheroo.

You want an easy solution and so did we, and you get all the benefit! With personalized labels for clothes from LeeLee Labels, those jackets, sweatshirts, hats, uniforms, shoes and more will all make their way home. They’ll even survive the laundry.

Stick on, easy-to-apply personalized clothing labels are here. No ironing or sewing needed. Just a simple, stick-on solution to labeling clothes.

Now you (or your child) can design your own custom clothing labels right here online, have them printed, and sent right to your door!

Here’s what you need to know:

Personal clothing labels are a MUST in today’s world. How many items have your kids lost through the years BEFORE they started using personal clothing tags?

That $50 jacket? It definitely needs a personal clothing tag on it.

Saving just ONE item out of everything you’ll label makes it worth it, from a dollars and cents perspective.

But it’s also worth it to your kids. Can you imagine how many tears you’ll save when you use personal tags for clothing and avoid the potential mini-tragedy of your child losing their favorite jersey?

And let’s not forget why this happens. Every classroom, camp, sports team, and dance class all have kids that are the same size and love so many of the same colors and designs. There are bound to be a few friends with the same articles of clothing or shoes.

So let’s do our kids a favor and keep their things labeled to avoid all frantic clothing search and rescue missions!

This is the shortest instruction manual you’ll ever need. Here’s how to use our Peel and Stick Clothing Labels:

Step 1: Apply the label to any tightly woven care tag on a garment.

Step 2: Press firmly around all the edges to ensure maximum adhesion.

Step 3: Let label rest for 24 hours before running through the washer/dryer.

**Although our labels are designed to be applied on care tags, we have found that they may also adhere well on tagless items by applying directly to the brand stamp on the garment. Do not apply the labels directly to the fabric, as they will eventually detach.

We’ve made it super-easy to design our stick on name labels for clothes.

First, choose the kind of clothing label you want.Once you click on your prefered option, you’ll see a picture with examples of some custom clothing labels in the type you have selected.


Read through the description, pricing, and sizes. If you’re happy with the product you’ve selected, you have gotten to the most fun part!


Click “CUSTOMIZE MY LABEL”, and you’ll reach our amazing label previewer! Here, you’ll be able to design a truly custom clothing label. Select a design, a color set, and a font to make your labels uniquely you!


See an approximate preview as you change your information.


Then click Add to Cart and Checkout. Once your stick on name labels for clothes arrive, you’ll want to follow the enclosed instructions for application. Labels should be applied by an adult. And keep in mind that these are removable clothing labels. In order to remove them for hand me downs or donations, just pick a fingernail underneath the label and gently tug upwards till it’s off!