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Stick on Name Labels for Camp

Looking for a label pack with all kinds and sizes of name labels for camp? LeeLee Labels has your answer! We’ve got Camp name label packs with the right mix of labels for you. From smaller label packs for Day Camp to a huge variety of labels in our Sleepaway camp packs! Our personalized labels for camp have everything you need. Label your campers’ clothes, shoes, flashlights, sleeping bags, and anything you want to stay out of the Lost and Found!

Camp name label packs come with free shipping, and a guaranteed turnaround time you’ll be sure to love. Once your order arrives, simply peel and stick the clothing labels to tags and the waterproof labels on everything else, and you’re done! You’ll never go back to ironing or sewing again, the lost and found will be history, and we’ll have the satisfaction of helping keep you organized.