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Iron On Labels vs Stick On Labels

We all know that losing things is part of growing up. I remember that feeling that came over me when coming home from school or camp and having my Mom asked me “Where’s your bathing suit?” “What happens to your gloves?”. Uh oh. Yep, it’s part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating when things go missing – especially when you shelled out so much money for your kids’ things!

The good news is that it’s simple and easy to help your kids keep track of their belongings. Whether they’re at school, summer camp, or baseball practice, they’ll know where to find what they’re looking for.

Tie Dye Camp Labels

LeeLee Labels’ colorful and customizable stick on and no iron on clothing labels are a great solution for avoiding that pile of clothes in the lost and found at the end of the year.

But it doesn’t end there — labels are extremely useful in a variety of ways.


What Are The Benefits of Labeling?

From a young age, your kids learn to identify meanings just by glancing at the shape and color of labels. Having their own labels on their things helps kids identify their belongings and prevent mix-ups.

LeeLee Labels for Water Bottles - Dishwasher Safe Labels

The last thing any parent wants to do is replace important items like backpacks, jackets, or their favorite toy brought to Show and Tell. But between summer camp and school, kids are bound to misplace their belongings here and there.

There are many ways a child can misplace simple items. For example, sleepaway camps offer laundry services, so it’s very easy to lose an article of clothing on laundry day.

And most day camps have swimming options, which means swimsuits and sunscreen bottles can get misplaced or confused quickly.

Camp Labels on Your Personal Bag

Labeling is a great solution to help keep track of what belongs to who in a busy and populated area like camp, school, sports, and much more.

“Once you have the name tags in place, people you don’t even know will leave your son’s things on your doorstep, which will be a whole lot cheaper than replacing his wardrobe, bit by bit,” says advice columnist Marguerite Kelly.

Back in the day, many people used sew-on labels to keep track of their clothes, but sew-on labels have since become outdated.

Luckily, there are simpler and faster alternatives, but even those aren’t created equally. With that in mind, let’s address the difference between two of the most popular — Iron on and Stick on — and see which is best.


Iron On Labels

Iron on labels is a permanent transfer option that embeds into the weave of the fabric thanks to the heat applied by your iron. The label essentially becomes a part of the garment.

These kinds of labels stick best to fabrics like clothing or backpacks. Like sewn-on labels, iron-on labels are permanent vs. no-iron clothing labels.

However, iron-on labels are very limited when it comes to what you might need. These kinds of labels won’t be able to stick onto items like water bottles, shoes, or notebooks. In addition, iron-on labels take a lot of time and patience to apply and don’t always transfer to the fabric the first time.  It’s also cumbersome to deal with a hot appliance that can burn through clothes. Another drawback is that today’s iron-on labels are permanent. If you want to donate clothes or pass them on to a sibling, forget it. You can’t take them off and the garment is labeled forever!

There is an easier and quicker solution.


Stick On Labels

Stick on clothing labels, or no iron clothing labels, are the best and simplest way to label any of yours or your child’s items.

Stick on labels adhere to clothing tags without ironing. And guess what? They are strong enough to stay on through endless washing and drying cycles! Unlike iron-on labels, stick on labels come in fun and bright with multiple font and style selections.

Clothing Labels for Kids - LeeLee Labels

Here is how to apply these simple and fun stick on labels:

  1. Peel the label from its base
  2. Apply to a smooth, dry surface, or the care tag/brand stamp on your clothing
  3. Press around the edges to ensure maximum adhesion
  4. Allow it to rest for at least 24 hours before heavy use, washing, or drying

If you decide that you don’t need the labels anymore, then simply peel them off! All stick-on labels are removable. So you can take them off even if you only need them for the summer — or plan to use clothing as hand-me-downs for other children.

No matter what you need them for, stick-on labels are easy to use and come in fun colors — but the best part is that they are dependable.


Which Label Is Better?

Although iron on labels are a classic way to ensure the longevity of a label, the truth is that stick on labels are the way to go.

Stick on labels are easier to use and don’t require any tools, and you aren’t sacrificing any stickiness or quality. And the quick time it takes to apply vs. iron-on labels is a no brainer.

If you find the right stick on labels, you’ll find that they come with these added benefits”

  • They’re waterproof, dishwasher-proof, microwave safe, and UV-proof
  • Have super-sticky adhesive that lasts
  • High-resolution color printing that never fades
  • Are scratch and scuff resistant
  • Huge variety of color and design options

Labeling your kids’ belongings is the best way to prevent anything from getting lost. There’s just no substitute.

So for your next batch of labels on your kid’s clothing, backpack, water bottle, or shoes, LeeLee Labels has what you’re looking for!