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Best Camp Labels – Why Choose Our Camp Name Labels?

You’re searching for the best camp labels, and not just any old labels will do. You want camp name labels that will STAND OUT. You want clothing labels for camp that are STICK-ON! And you need them FAST (with free shipping, of course). The solution is here. Choose from an Overnight Camp Label Pack (181 labels & 2 bag tags) or a Day Camp Label Pack (111 labels & 1 bag tag), each available in many design choices!

The Only Camp Labels You’ll Ever Need

Say goodbye to the lost and found forever. Our personalized camp labels are waterproof, scratch-proof, and UV-proof, so they’ll stick to your camping gear all summer (and year) long! All of our clothing labels for camp are stick on and laundry-safe, so you can rest assured that they’re the only name labels for camp you’ll ever need.

What Our Customers Say About Our Camp Labels


Should I Use Labels for Clothing at Camp?

Absolutely. Camp is notorious for being a black hole for unlabeled clothing. You want summer camp labels for clothing, otherwise your camper’s clothes will end up in the lost and found, or with another camper claiming the clothes as their own. Our camp labels stick on, so applying is a snap and does not take time to apply, unlike iron on labels.

How Can I Ensure My Camp Labels Stick On?

Your personalized camp labels come with instructions. For camp name tags for gear, apply label to a dry, clean surface and press hard. For Clothing Labels for Camp, apply label to garment’s care tag and press hard all around. Or if the clothing is tagless, you can usually apply labels directly to the brand stamp. Just remember to let the label rest 24 hours before washing. Note: Labels should NOT be applied directly to fabrics.

Are These Labels Waterproof?

Yes! All of our camp labels are waterproof and will survive saltwater, lakewater, and anything else they encounter.

What’s the Best Way to Ensure My Labels Last at Camp?

No special care is needed if labels are applied correctly – our personalized camp labels never fade!

Will These Labels Stick On More Than Just My Clothes?

Yes! Our camp labels are meant for all camp gear – toiletries, flashlights, sunscreen, water bottles, bug spray and more!

How Do I Print My Name on These Labels?

We do all the work for you! Click “Customize my label” and enter in your name and information. You can examine your design choices and text in the preview and checkout. Easy as pie!

How Quickly Do My Labels Ship?

Super quick! Click below to check out our current ship time: Shipping Times